I believe loans were already cancelled as of Aug

I believe loans were already cancelled as of Aug

Ok so there just playing with our minds I think everyone of them is full of it what’s next mine stated a cash award now all that changes to gift cards WTF then the fact it stated digital payments will be sent out at the end of the month now all that changes to the could be in the next couple of weeks

Spoke to rep few minutes ago est. She stated the emails regarding payments is still a go to start today and continue for the nest few weeks. There is no order as to how the emails are being sent out, they are just random. Hope this helps out.

Nothing yet. Probably recalculating to give us even less. I just hope there are more class action lawsuits against these lenders. I want some money back.

I called this morning and spoke to a rep, she said the portal was taken down in anticipation of the distribution emails being sent out and that she was unable to give any exact amounts. She also said that the distribution emails would be sent out within the next two weeks and she didn’t have an exact date. She said nothing about the end of this month. Just thought I’d share as I’ve periodically checked this thread for updates from others.

Well thats a better information then these other posts around here saying they email them and they said this and that

How Will I make it? I won’t that’s how. Cant get another loan with awl Need $2500 but they figured me out.

Know to trust this people by putting our bank accounts on a link we dont even know if they real

Jims call from 9/24 said emails to go out this week end of month. Seems it will depend on whom you speak to for information. Bottom line is when they come they come. Anybodys guess.

No- I’m afraid I’ll miss an email, or that it will go to spam, so I’m watching very close. Knowing if anyone else gets anything would be helpful.

I’m guessing since they say payments will go out the end of the month, they mean September 30 before the first one goes. I’m also guessing that since they say payments will be “staggered” it may be a while before some of us see anything. They’re going to delay payment as long as they can.

I don’t think they can. They have a certain amount of time and that’s it. 12. But they will prob wait until the 30

I called them today and this is what they said. They said they are going to START sending payments next week, end of month. But, not all at once…they will be “rolling” them out. Whatever that means.

They also said they all will be digital. I asked how that would be done….they said “digital payments, with instructions”.

Overall they were really vague and couldn’t provide details even when I asked. But apparently not everyone will be paid next week. The digital payments is a concern too.

You will be asked to provide your banking information when the link is emailed and the payment will deposit within one to three business days.

I know it is frustrating knowing we have money coming our way but not knowing when since if your like me you need it now. I just wanted to remind everyone without this class action which most of us knew nothing about and did not need to do anything to recover we would not even have know about this refund. All we can do is wait so please try and patient for this money.

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