Whether or not it got a ministry for a medical facility (We noticed one about listing), save mission on homeless, or products lender, I get it.

Whether or not it got a ministry for a medical facility (We noticed one about listing), save mission on homeless, or products lender, I get it.

Another information…how places of worship getting therefore important of federal government after which make during the trough as soon as cash is available?

And, after you have taken money, there isn’t any informing just what the government may want to know about finances. My chapel never even required money, and we’ve added new people and they’ve got broadened ministry to a few various groups in our society via zoom.

These scumbags benefit from income tax pauses and phone indeed there huge mansions parsonages after which take taxpayers revenue. Matthew 7 tells indeed there tales. And worthless sheeple who help and tithe to those grifters were as disgusting.

I believe sick scanning this. Only sick. WHEREIN will be the responsibility from those whom we “think” come into our camp?? Yes, we are able to scorn the success kinds and never be very impressed however, many most brands on listed here are from “orthodox” teams. WHEREIN and under WHOS will the accountability develop? Oftentimes in this way its sure good for places of worship in the SBC (at the least 3 on this listing would fall-in that classification) to play that, “each church are autonomous” credit. I’m SBC. I’ve had the machines got rid of….

In addition become sick. One in particular disappointed me. Just what a double expectations these people need! I believe of all small businesses that necessary the help and comprise rejected because funds went completely! That is sad. What road was our very own places of worship dropping!

Give thanks to God for UP-TO-DATE MINISTRIES (Dr Charles Stanley) NO PRIVATE CHAUFFEUR NO LEAR aircraft NO SPORTS SIZE RESIDENCE OF WORSHIP… really doesn’t even live in a mansion. NO PPP LOAN…

Dr. Stanley is actually a good example.

“Trust Jesus and leave all consequences to Him.”

Dr. Charles Stanley

I favor Dr. Stanley! He has got become my “spiritual father” since 1986! The guy does not learn me, but God gave him to me. And I give thanks to Jesus for him and In Touch Ministries. Exactly what a blessing on the Body of Christ!

Correction…no basketball stadium size House of Worship.

Awareness for Living furthermore had gotten 1-2 million

Friends and family, why don’t we not be as well rapid to criticize individuals who gotten funds from the national. I understand there exists some on the list that “living large.” Often Jesus utilized the pagan leaders to guide their efforts. Browse the Book of Ezra.

Huh? Seriously it’s your reason on this?

Edward your since bad as they are and until you were born dumb these grifters are NOT my brother or siblings. They’ve been wolfs in sheep’s garments. Build moobs an be more like John the Baptist. Subsequently Kenneth copelands lackey.

Up your own website you Kenneth Copeland and Paula white wanna feel. They all are thiefs and grifters and for you to definitely help them your own in the same way terrible.

Only a note, not generating excuses for places of worship having jets, or 20 million in savings. Nevertheless the intent behind the PPP loans had been to guard EMPLOYMENT during a government shut-down of organizations, including churches. The amount of money, if made use of precisely, for the most part caused it to be possible that secretaries, youngsters pastors etc… could nonetheless draw wages and supply with their households. This is not some very nice conspiracy and/or hypocrisy that chapel leadership acted to safeguard those workers earnings if perhaps factors transformed upside down. It wasn’t merely a good for their church, nonetheless it had been a great for forums and family. All of our modest chapel asked for these funds, but came back any money soon after we understood factors might possibly be good. Shame on any chapel whom utilized those funds for almost any additional reasons nevertheless.

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