It another world, another day. Ah, she on suggestive setting.

It another world, another day. Ah, she on suggestive setting.

He watching the lady eat during this lady break times, and she takes with these vigour that produces your happier. Another time, she will be taking off the lady pumps (in the departmental shop roof), and massage treatments their feet. Hoon Dong arrives barefoot, and puts their footwear for her. Whenever inquired about him, he throws on the shoes and tramples in. She laughs.the guy aegyos to this lady as he clarifies he understands she right here because she always goes toward the roofing.

As he disappears, she cries, thinking why he that way despite the fact that they contributed those period along. Hyun Hee joins their, advising the woman that she will need to have spoke to their mother.

Move: Jang Mi dressed up officially and holding a dessert on their doorstep. She do the fickle thing of taking walks to-and-fro, determining whether to go in. Simply then, a vehicle prevents in the home, and a vintage lady requires this lady why she at her doorstep. Ah, this is certainly Hoon Dong mama.

They have an entire conversation of miscommunication, for Jang Mi does not discover her as Hoon Dong mother. Said mother says to the woman she stalking the girl son, advising the woman that no less than her child allow her to straight down politely. High Definition mom accuses the girl of being impolite. Tsk.

Gi Tae came here at this point (they remain near one another?), so that as Jang Mi stalks off (in rips once more), she sees Gi Tae. She renders, though Gi Tae delivers this lady a glance, maybe worried about her.

At their quarters, their granny, mother, dad and aunt were looking forward to a really late Gi Tae to arrive for dinner, but the guy doesnt are available, and his father heads down. Mommy phone calls the house or property representative after-dinner. Uh-oh.

At a poultry store, Jang Mi dad and mom are having a wordless talk about when she coming. She comes to see they, and mother immediately bugs the girl about the woman relationships.

Merely after that, Jang Mi obtains a text (omg, the ringtone from Secret outdoors!), which in turn causes the girl to achieve for a bottle of soju and chug they straight down in one single gulp. Ooh. Which many.

She simply leaves just after this, making their parents mislead.

At French eatery, we see the message Hoon Dong sent to the girl.

No wonder she chugged that package all the way down. The Third Legislation of Splitting Up Politely: By Text. And do not all of us hate your the majority of.

Gi Tae pertains to come across him, informing him to split points upwards cleanly with Jang Mi. Aw, you may be focused on this lady. Se Ah eating during the bistro, and she looks right back at him, eavesdropping on their conversation. Hoon Dong reassures Gi Tae, stating that cover most likely not pick your any longer.

Cue Jang Mi drunkenly moving the door open. Ha. All vision take her. Yeo Reum, which on the way offering a client some alcohol, approaches the woman to welcome this lady. Completely wrong time attacks again, for she downs the alcohol (again!), to Hoon Dong scary, and she heads directly for him, directed the bare beer bottle at him.

He backs down and asks if she obtained his information. She removes the girl phone and recites the 3 lines. Ha. This leads to everybody to move her eyes, because yes, they understand exactly how much of a jerk Hoon Dong are. Jang Mi actually is sensible inside her drunken reason, for she colleges him on his heartlessness.

1st line history. Though youre grateful, every thing records. 2nd current. Though you are sorry, we are however separating in any event. Third for future years. Never irritate me anymore.

Hoon Dong attempts to click at Gi Tae for support, but Jang Mi rips up as she tells Hoon Dong which he generated a trick regarding this lady. All of our heroine positive atypical, for she informs your off for erasing their own enjoy record with an email. You are going female!

But she raises the beer bottle in her trend, and Gi Tae grabs the lady arm. Hoon Dong works on bathroom and phone calls the authorities. Whaaat?! At the same time, Gi Tae informs the woman that its on her very own good which he restraining the lady. But the guy lets the lady down when she concede that she pathetic its exactly that unlike all of them, she struggling to forget about her commitment coolly and politely. Its a sight observe, for she desperate inside her own ways. She isnt marriage-crazy, neither was she man-crazy. She’s appreciated, and it is working with the shock that she loved men who are able to release the lady so conveniently.

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